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  • What if burglars damage your business premises? 

  • Can you bear financial loss due to forced entry in House Break?

  • One Burglary can change everything into Nothing!

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Theft cases in Mumbai up 59% in 3 years: State crime data 

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Burglary Insurance

  • Burglary insurance offers an extra layer of security for various thefts, burglary, housebreaking incidents to your property such as house, office, factory, godown etc. This plan provides coverage for damage(s) or loss(es) to your property and its contents, for the following situations:
    Theft by forcible/ violent entry
    Attempted theft or theft by a criminal on the said premises
    Armed robbery or Hold-up.

    Types of Burglary Insurance
     There are three types of plans available:

  • Full Value Insurance - The plan offers full value of the insured property.

  • First Loss Insurance - In case of an improbability of total loss, it provides a policyholder to select a percentage of the stocks to be insured.

  • Stock Declaration Insurance - This plan is ideal when a large number of stocks fluctuate frequently during a financial year. The sum assured is locked at the highest stock value that is anticipated by the policyholder.

      Key Benefits of Burglary Insurance

  • Burglary policy provides financial support in case there is any loss/damage caused to your insured property.

  • Here are the key benefits offered by an insurance plan.
    1. It safeguards your cash, expensive jewelry and valuables items stored in a locker (if any).
    2. It offers protection against any damage(s) caused to your property because of attempted or actual burglary or housebreaking.
    3. If you buy burglary insurance for your business premises, it covers the damage(s) caused to goods, furniture, and property within the premise of your business.
    4. Even if the sum assured is inadequate, the plan will still pay for the proportionate damage(s) or loss.
    5. Some insurance providers give you an option of extending your insurance plan to cover changing costs, lock strikes, riots, malicious damages, theft etc. so that you can enhance your insurance
    coverage after paying an extra-insurance premium.

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