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  • Are all your film crew secured?

  • What will you do if they get injured on film set?

  • What will you do if your film tap gets damaged at last minute?

Do You Know

10 times when fire caused damage to movie sets Since 1913 - 2018

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Film Insurance

  • Product is intended to provide a packaged insurance solution for producers engaged in film and television production like Motion Picture or Television Production, comprising of cast, props and sets, film, equipment, money and other related exposure.

  • Our insurance cover is designed to meet the needs of :

  • Motion Picture & Feature film Productions Houses

  • Television shows/ Serials Productions Houses

  • AD Film Makers/ Documentary Film Makers

  • Antique Dealers and Animation Film Makers

  • Covers extra expenses incurred in completing the shooting within agreed schedule of a declared production in respect of Death, injury, sickness or kidnap of any designated person

    • Sudden, unforeseen death, illness or injury of immediate family member of designated person

    • Postponement or cancellation of a declared production as a result of loss or damage to property

    • Property damage Covers loss or damage to the assets used in relation to the declared production, as under:

    • Negative film & Video tapes Props, Sets and wardrobes including those hired or held in care, custody of the insured Miscellaneous equipments including those hired or held in care, custody of the insured

    • Cash, bank notes, currency notes, cheques including whilst in transit

    • Film/ video tape in storage at specified locations

    • Covers legal Liability due to bodily injury, property damage or denial of access which occurs during the Period of Insurance.

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