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  • What if your property gets damaged by people?

  • What if your staff gets injured at construction site?

  • What if your client reports a complain against your work at site?

Do You Know

The City Newspapers sites the below stories


Contractors yet to follow rule book to prevent Mumbai Metro accidents despite death of a worker

43 accidents in 34 days; FIR against flyover contractors

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Contracter Insurance

Contractor’s All Risk Insurance offers adequate and comprehensive coverage against damage or loss in respect of construction plant, contract work, construction machinery, and/or construction machinery/equipment. In this way, this policy is designed for architects, construction engineers, and financers as it contributes to reducing the overall expenses of construction. Moreover, in the contractor’s all risk policy offers sufficient financial protection to all the parties involved.

The common benefits or coverage that most of the policies provide under this plan are:
Material Damage: Under this loss, damage, or destruction of property incurred due to any cause other than those excluded in the policy are covered. Most of the policies pay for the losses or damage up to a certain amount that does not exceed the sum mentioned against every item and does not exceed the total sum insured.

Third-Party Liability: Under this, the coverage towards:

  • Legal liability related to accidental damage or loss caused to the property of third-person.

  • Legal liability for non-fatal and fatal injuries caused to third-person (other than the own employees or workers of the insured) due to the construction of the property.

Perils that are covered under contractor’s all risk policy are:

  1. Fire and allied perils

  2. Collapse

  3. Earthquake, shock, and fire

  4. Faults in construction

  5. Storm, flood, cyclone, and tempest.

  6. Negligence and human errors

  7. Water damage

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