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  • Have you ever thought about how your life would change if you were diagnosed with a life threatening illness?

  • How would you feel having to tap into your savings or your child’s school funds to pay for the bills and pay for your treatment?

  • How would you supplement your income because you cannot work?

Do You Know

Critical illness Insurance cover is a good option if-
You don’t have any savings to help you if you seriously fall ill.
You don’t have employee benefit packages to cover a period of time off work due to critical illness.

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Critical Illness Insurance

  • Critical Illness Health Insurance For Unplanned Medical Expenses

  • Critical illness is a life changing event which hinders your dreams and wipes out savings.

  • There is a good reason to buy critical illness insurance cover, especially for the earning members of the

  • According to the data compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau, 26,726 people in the nation suffering from chronic ailments like AIDS, cancer and paralysis died in 2017. With hospitals investing heavily in super specialty equipments, cost of treatment is only escalating.

  • Once a person is
    hospitalized, incidental costs can go sky-high. Take cancer for instance. Herceptin (breast cancer drug) may cost anywhere between Rs 95000/vial and Rs 2 lakh/vial. A patient needs at least 16 vials.

  • Similarly, an angioplasty can cost anywhere between Rs 2 and Rs 4.5 lakh. Getting a best critical illness plan is
    only seems to be a viable option.

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