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  • Are your employees protected if something happens to them at workplace?

  • Can you run business without them?

  • Do you think about your employees’ benefits?

  • Do you want to maintain employee retention?

  • Do you want to win loyalty of your employee?

  • Do you want that your employee should work stress-free?

Do You Know

Only 47 percent of small businesses currently offer insurance benefits to their employees.Be one of them.

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Group health Insurance

  • Some policies may cover boarding expenses apart from surgeon, anesthetist and consultant fees; charges for anesthesia, oxygen and diagnostic materials in addition to X-rays and dialysis costs among others.

  • Offer cashless facility and direct settlement of bills with the hospital.

  • Offer to cover pre and post-hospitalization charges for a specific period.

  • Some policies may offer maternity benefits.

  • Less than 24 hours hospitalization for certain procedures such as chemotherapy, eye surgery and tonsillectomy among others.

  • Extended cover for certain critical ailments above hospitalization benefits.

  • Some policies may provide cover for pre-existing diseases after payment of extra premium.

  • Some policies may cover domiciliary expenses.

  • Some of the optional benefits include waiver of waiting period, first year exclusions besides reimbursement of ambulance charges among others.

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