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  • Can you afford a loss incurred in product transportation?

  • Can you afford a cost of reproduction of your material?

  • Can you afford a Loss in Crore if your shipment gets trapped in a tsunami or sea mishap?

Do You Know

There have been Total 31 marine disaster events leading to the insured loss of cost app $1679 Million

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Marine Insurance

How can we help with Marine Insurance Policy?

  • Provides a financial guarantee against unpredictable natural calamities and other unfortunate incidents like pirate attacks.

  • Provides obligatory compensation if any liability arises. 

Marine Insurance covers a wide range of risk coverage like:

  • Loss or damage to vessels like ships, cargo and terminals

  • Persistent protection during transportation of the cargo

  • Onshore and offshore property like ports, terminals, carriers also falls under the risk coverage.

Marine Insurance is a god-save for transporters and shipping companies as it provides protection against many kinds of financial loss, property damage.

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