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  • Is your luxury car covered from damages due to an accident?

  • What if tree collapses on your expensive car?

  • Is your Engine of your Car covered under Engine Protection?

  • Do you know that your engine repairs comprises of 20% of your Car's Value?

Do You Know

Driving without a motor insurance shall result in suspension of your drivinglicense. In addition, your vehicle's registration too shall be suspended. As a penalty for driving without insurance, you would be charged a fine of Rs. 1000, and/or be imprisoned for 3 months.

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Motor Insurance

  • Type of insurance policy that efficiently takes care of expenses arising from unfortunate events, such as an accident, theft, and any third-party liability.

  • Car insurance is the best way you can protect yourself and your car from financial emergencies, including any legal liability, resulting from physical damage, traffic collision, bodily injury caused to you, your car, or a third party.

  • Third Party Liability Coverage
    Third Party car insurance provides cover against any legal liability to a third party caused when you are
    at-fault driver. It covers damage/injury caused by you to another person/property. A Third Party Liability
    cover is legally mandatory in India under the Motor Vehicles Act.

  • Collision Coverage
    Collision coverage protects the insured financially against damage of their own car. It pays the insured
    for damage caused by collision which is usually an accident. Damage or loss due to theft or vandalism is
    not included in collision coverage.

  • Comprehensive Coverage
    A comprehensive coverage is extensive and includes damage of car, theft of vehicle, third party legal liability and personal accident cover. The policy coverage can be further extended by opting for add-ons
    like accessories cover, engine protector, zero depreciation cover, medical expenses, etc. This type of coverage is the most popular as it offers end-to-end coverage and thus less stress for the policyholder

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