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  • Can you win your employee's loyalty?

  • Do you want to attract the good talent for your company’s growth?

  • Do you want to make strong connect with your employee?

Do You Know

More than 60% of companies in india provide group Term insurance in order to attract talent

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Group Term Insurance

  • Employees are assured of financial assistance being extended to their families in the unfortunate event of their demise, critical illness, etc.

  • Employees can benefit from the inconvenience of medical tests be done away with until their free cover limits.

  • The premiums paid by their employers are not treated as perquisites.

  • exemption from tax under Section 10(10D)

  • Easy administration by way of simple documentation

  • Can be customized to meet niche needs of the employees enrolled

  • Offers security to the family of the insured

  • Safeguards the insured’s financial interest

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